The Absolute Zero - Y Sero Absoliwt


If you’re carrying three things and one of them is not a grudge, then you’re carrying one thing too many. This minimalist card holder will keep you on track for an uncluttered lifestyle.

My signature piece, hand-crafted in Wales from coal-black or cracked brown vegetable tanned cowhide leather. Saddle-stitched by hand, slicked and edged until it almost squeals. Choose your stitching colour from our curated palette.

Two pockets, with just enough space for a card or two and more money than is sensible at this time of night. No room for receipts, candy wrappers, stamps, or any other superfluous frippery.

Now includes an 'emergency' third pocket. I like to keep a small amount of cash in mine, tucked away for the unexpected.

Y Sero Absoliwt. Dwy boced a lle am gwpl o gerdiau a mwy o arian na sydd yn gall yn y Cwm. Poced 'argyfwng' i storio peth arian papur rhag ofn. Lledr du graen llawn, pwyth cyfrwy arbennig.